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It was during high school that YouTube's charismatic beauty and lifestyle gurus became my newfound center of attention. With each click of a link, I was connected with an "expert" on everything from beauty, to fashion, to room decor. Macbarbie07 always knew how to redecorate a room for every holiday or walk me through a DIY craft to suit any situation, BeautyAddict inspired me to purchase every Lush product possible and MakeupbyMandy24 taught me how to stylishly dress myself all throughout my challenging middle school years.

Now, as an year-old college student, I watch everything from vlogs and lifestyle videos to beauty and fashion videos. I am an OG viewer of both and I follow their advice daily. However, I wanted to give some love to two of YouTube's up-and-coming beauty experts who provide valuable content.

Tina Halada and Daisy Marquez both pour their hearts into their content. Their videos range from everyday makeup looks, going-out makeup looks and colorful, bold makeup looks. But the one thing I enjoy most about them is how real they are. If they don't like a product, they give an honest review. If they are being paid to review a product, they make no apologies, they are up front and they announce that fact at the beginning of the video.

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Plus, their style is unreal. I started watching Paige Secosky a few years ago when she was in high school. Back then, her style was like any other typical high school girl.

That all changed when she moved to New York. She now attends the Fashion Institute of Technology and has a daring sense of style. If you are looking for bold, designer-inspired looks for a reasonable cost, she is your go-to girl. She knows how to style anything from a pair of trendy red leather pants to a simple two-piece jogger set.

Tasha Farsaci attends the University of Southern California and provides quality content that highlights her unique sense of style.

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If you want to know how to style all of your trendy outfit pieces, she is definitely the one to watch. You can always count on her to show you how to style anything from game-day outfits to cute, trendy looks. Where do I even begin with Danielle Carolan? She is the most down-to-earth, genuine person you will find on YouTube. You can always count on Dani to take you around campus to all of her classes, hang with her roommates or talk about her Kappa Delta sorority events. If you are looking for someone to motivate you to make the most out of your days and to become a better person, then I suggest her vlogs.

On top of this, she also provides quality content that focuses on advice, fashion and beauty. I have never related to someone as much as I do with Keaton Milburn.

10 YouTube Stars Your Kids Love

From her love of beauty and fashion to her obsession with photo shoots and her love for family, I adore watching her videos. She has two channels, a vlog channel and one with more structured content.

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After watching videos for a few months I became fascinated with how you could share beauty and fashion tips with other girls around the world. After that I couldn't help my self. I was a bit scared to make videos but went for it anyway! I was obsessed with that collection! I thought it was the perfect fit for a channel that is about all things glamorous and girly. In life, everyone at some point is pressured into be someone they're not, or act a certain way to fit in. My channel is a place where everyone can be themselves and not worry about what anyone thinks!

2. Outfit inspiration

I also love adding small details that represent different styles like an edgy necklace, or a vintage pair of oord booties. I do most things any other fifteen-year-old girl likes to do: shopping, hanging out with my friends, going to church and school. I'm also like an eleven-year-old at heart so I love acting childish sometimes and just have fun! YouTube has also given me a lot of fun opportunities that allow me to travel and go to photo shoots which is very fun also.

I watch so many people, but some of my favorite beauty vloggers are Itsjudytime , Michellephan , Jlovesmac1 , Rissrose2 , missmarlee , beauty4everxo , beautyxxgoddess , and egheartsssc. As for non beauty vloggers I have a small big obsession with the Shaytards and Edbassmaster! I shop at so many different places!

A few years back I was very limited when it came to clothing stores, but lately I have been a lot more open to trying new things. I am currently obsessed with color blocking! It's kind of funny because I enjoy color blocking my nails instead of my actual clothing.

YouTube sensation Bethany Mota is reportedly joining the show's 19th season

It was so crazy and colorful. Some people probably look back and think "what were they wearing?!

Make content that resonates with your audience

Be yourself and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. If it's not something you truly love doing, then you may not be willing to work hard for you viewers. Just remember to have fun and stay positive. What are the best aspects of running your own Vlog? What are the hardest aspects? I love knowing that I can make my videos what ever I want them to be; there's no one telling me how to do this or that.

YouTubers Carrie Dayton and Sierra Schultzzie Are Challenging the Status Quo of YouTube

I also love that I can connect with girls all around the world. My viewers are my inspiration.

As for harder aspects, hate comments were very hard for me to deal with at first, and sometimes still are. You just have to realize that there are so many more people that love you and support you. It has made me a stronger person. I find pink to be a color that works on all skin tones as long as you use it the right way.

For example, stay away from to much pink eye shadow, considering it can make you look like you have an eye infection. As for pink lips and pink blush, it can make your face have an over all healthy glow!

10 Beauty Gurus We Love | Vibe

It gives celeb-inspired beachy curls that take 20 minutes tops. Also, blotting sheets are lifesavers in the summer timeā€”all you do is swipe one across your face and all traces of oil and sweat are gone. Last is my Dermalogica Clean Start moisturizer. This is the best facial moisturizer I have come across and it makes my skin so soft without being oily or clogging my pores.

I started experimenting with makeup in eighth grade, but that was just a little mascara. Once I started, I high school I decided to try out other things such as eyeshadow, blush, and eye liner! I would probably just run straight into Sephora and get a bunch of different products!