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Hi All, Thanks for the replies. I got the full tracks running on the benchmark test, so I guess that's pretty good. Any of you got an advice for a new GPU? Gr, S. Originally Posted by Sanderb.

Apple Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac Memory | B&H Photo Video

Fwiw, this is the dock you need for the SSD you've already ordered you did, didn't you? Originally Posted by italo de angelis. Xeon is just a brand name, they work no differently than any other intel processor that shares the same microarchitecture in the Mac Pros case it is the old and massively outdated Westmere microarchitecture. Originally Posted by Sascha Franck. Does something like this also work?

Edit: The first one seems to offer no securing for the SSD inside - and it'd hang upside down. So, better don't get it. The Newertech Adaptadrive is the most popular adapter. I use one.

It has built in connectors that you connect your 2. Very interesting thread. I find myself in a similar position. I have an early cheese grater the 2. It's served me well but even with an ssd upgrade and more ram I'm hitting the wall rather early on every mix. So lots of time waisted freezing and unfreezing. I was hoping this Mac mini would answer some of my prayers. The other option is to upgrade the processors to something comparable to the Mac Pro. For the computer guys out there is that a better move?

Originally Posted by Gee. So, that's the dual quad-core machine, right? No idea whether you could upgrade the CPUs to dual 6-core ones, but if you can, there's still sets including the required tools, thermal paste and what not available, all the way up to 2x3. These upgrade kits go for bucks. According to this comparison of MPs, you should be able to upgrade: What are the differences between the standard "Mid" Mac Pro models?

What are the differences between the standard and custom configurations of the "Mid" Mac Pro line?

Upgrade Mamory on MacPro Mid 2010

Ok, if you planned to update to Mojave which I will personally try to avoid as long as possible , you'd have to factor in a new GPU. I have a 3. These old CPU's cannot keep up with the effects processing going on in those kind of patches. I can score an orchestral Disney show fine on my old ; but this indie horror movie I'm working on using analog emulation is a no go, and I had to upgrade to an iMac Pro. I'm hoping it's performance matches the iMac Pro; my bet is that it's single core performance numbers are what's most important for low latency audio work.

Hope I'm right! Originally Posted by FilmCompos3r. So if you're into that kinda stuff, get a new machine. Still, given an efficient sequencer no idea about Cubase these days, but Logic used to almost run circles around it at least when it came to low latency performance and "conservative" arranging and mixing techniques using FX on busses instead of individual tracks and such , you can get a lot of work done with them. Hi All, I just upgraded my mac pro with an ssd and rx gpu and I must say I am pleased with the results!

Also my single core geekbench went from to and multi core went from to while i didn't upgrade the CPU. Compute went from to I just upgraded my mac pro with an ssd and rx gpu and I must say I am pleased with the results! I also upgraded from a Mac Pro 2. I would move forward as the tech has moved on - I can mix very comfortably now with whatever I want processor wise, where I was hitting the ceiling of my machine all the time previously - the ram and buss speeds are also critical for the snappy feel High Sierra and Ableton live 10 And I should add this is all with an affordable iMac which is fine for audio work - a bit scared of what the new line of pro will cost based on the iMac pros which are geared towards video production Last edited by Hardtoe; 18th November at PM..

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Search Forums. Apr 3, 12, 5, Hong Kong. So, no need to worry compatibility. Last edited: Sep 24, Reactions: Philocetes. Thank you so much for the advice, I thought might be the case.

Welcome, Westmere

Reading things here keeps me from spending money that noobs might spend, not knowing what the good deals are--noob that I am myself. Dec 12, 1, UK. Orph, you make a good point, and I could have been more disciplined about ensuring that I need all of 32 gig, but it is pretty cheap. I do have plans on using final cut pro and editing video and I have read that uses quite a bit of ram, so I felt like getting the ram all in one shot rather than going back or when I need more. MarkC macrumors a. May 14, UK. Reactions: h ITguy Suspended. May 25, The use of memory with heat sinks was applicable to the 1,1 - 3,1 Mac Pro's.

The 4,1 and 5,1 do not require memory with heat sinks. While there's no harm in using memory with heat sinks I wouldn't pay extra for them. The best advice I can offer is to buy a decent quality RAM. Not bargain basement nor the most expensive. Reactions: h4n5. Kolvir macrumors member. Jul 21, 34 1 Iowa. I'll second the registered memory pulled from servers on ebay. Just remember you can't mix registered and non registered ram. You might not even be able to mix different registered lots, so get it all from the same guy if you can.

Can anyone verify or clarify this point? If you can get it really cheap, I upgraded about 9 months ago so I'm sure prices are different, I'd max it out.


Nov 5, 1, 1, Have a look on the crucial website - just put in the model of Mac you have and it will show you compatible RAM. I've been buying RAM from Crucial since around and it's always been good and their prices are good too. Nov 23, 5, 1, A post I made in another thread: flowrider said:.

They are Mac specialists and their stuff is guaranteed for life. Reactions: dlindsey and Philocetes. Thanks for all the ram vendor suggestions. I purchased the ram before you made them, so I will just keep them in mind next time. I normally work with amazon with ebay as a second choice, and creating a new login for some other site only when I can't get my product from the first two.

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For what its worth they had 'made for mac' or some such stickers on the box. The Ram went in fine and I ran the rember memory check program against it and it reported no errors--a single round of tests ran for several hours. The ram chips were too hot to touch for more than a few seconds, I presume that is normal. Gonna run a tad hotter once I get the new hex chip installed and the ram goes from to But all is within spec.

The Hex chip and special hex wrench are incoming in the us mail--hopefully today or tomorrow. My understanding of logic devices is that they mostly generate heat during the transition between conducting and non-conducting--number of transitions direct correlation with clock speed. So, when they are conducting, no heat because no resistance, when non-conducting, no heat because no current. The transition period is tiny, but it exists. Therefore: faster cycling generates more heat. So, my thinking is that is I appreciate the practical experience people are sharing here--saved me a lot of money by not going with that premium vendor where the ram had the heat sink and temp sensor on it, but no need for either.

It was a great reassurance and good to stress the ram while its within the 30 day return policy, or whatever. I have a 3,1 at home, my wife uses it to remote into her office to work from home--so its income producing property! IIRC, it has a few cornfield type rows of 1 or 2 gig sticks with their heat sinks, just roasting away.

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The beauty of the MP is sleep mode--not warming the house unless we are using them. Last edited: Sep 28, Actually, its Logic pro that would use more ram, and I am thinking about getting Final Cut Pro and playing around with video, so Philocetes said:.