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A word-processing document flows that way so that your objects stay in the same relative position to the text as you add or delete text and objects. You can change this behavior, though. Think of this as dropping a boat anchor — water flows by, but the boat stays in the same position relative to the shore. In Word, if you anchor an object to a margin, the object stays in the same relative position. Nonanchored objects and text flow around the object. When you create a table in Word, you can have the table automatically resized to fit the contents.

However, sometimes you may want to freeze the size of the cells in the rows and columns so they will not change. This is easy to accomplish.

Open the Word file containing the table for which you want to freeze the size of the cells and find the table in the document. If you want to freeze the size of all the cells in the table, which is what we did in our example, move your mouse over the crosshair box in the upper-left corner of the table until it becomes a cursor with a crosshair icon. The columns don't line up. The program freezes up, taking your work with it. Here are five common Word disasters that can ruin a good night's sleep--and what you can do to fix them. The advice below works in both Word and Word Talk about a nightmare.


Office for Mac won't work on Mac Mojave - Office Watch

You load your word processor, and it either freezes up or closes down. You can't do anything with it.

Issues affecting Word for Mac features and add-ins

Chances are that your Normal template has been corrupted. Replacing it with a backup or letting Word recreate it from scratch will probably get things working again. The first thing that you'll need to do is to open the Template folder.

Can't update Office 2011 on your Mac? Here's the fix!

By changing the name of the Normal. If you've customized Word considerably--changing styles or writing macros especially writing macros --a restored backup is your best bet. Windows 7 users may be able to do this even if they haven't been consciously backing up. Right-click the file Normal. Try restoring one of the versions that comes up and see if it helps.

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  8. If not, rename the Normal. It doesn't matter what you name it.

    Why is my Mac computer so slow: 6 tips to speed up a Mac

    Abnormal will do. When you relaunch Word, it will recreate a new Normal.

    EndNote: Word for Mac crashing when using CWYW

    Depending on how corrupt your Normal template is, you may still be able to load it after Word is up. Select My templates, then Abnormal or whatever you named the file. How often should Word save AutoRecover information? How many minutes of work do you want to lose in case of a crash? Like every other computer program ever written, Word occasionally crashes.

    How to run the AutoUpdate installer

    So does Windows, which takes Word down with it. And hardware can crash too, taking both Windows and Word down. Whatever the cause, the reality is unavoidable: Word will occasionally go down without giving you a chance to save your work. But how much will you actually lose and how can you lessen this disaster? Word saves your documents in two ways.

    Use them both wisely, and you'll minimize the loss when disaster hits. When you load Word after a crash, it will help you restore what you were working on--provided AutoRecover is set up properly.